Yaphet Kotto Week - A-Team Villain

Eastside Charlie

Thanks to my main home slice Seth over at Lost Video Archive I was invited back once again to participate in a week of great reviews by blogs with one goal in mind, to honor the prolific yet highly underrated actor, Yaphet Kotto. It was a blast participating in Blair Week a few months back and after watching The Chilling numerous times it could only get better right? Right! I got to watch a single A-team episode over and over. "The Out of Towners" guest starring our honoree Yaphet Kotto followed the series' usual formula: assess, build, battle, resolve.

Assess: Local New York business owners are being extorted by Eastside Charlie (Kotto) and his goons. Desperate, the shop keeps call on the help of our favorite fun loving mercs, the A-team. B.A. Baracus cases Charlie's lounge and the boys promptly bust in with Uzis and threats.

Build: After agreeing to meet the following day to handover the stolen cash, the A-Team heads back to the affected businesses' neighborhood and builds a sewer booby trap, Molotov cocktails, and a mobile armor-plated defense station made from an oil drum in case things get hairy.

Battle: Boom, bang, nobody gets shot, A-Team dominates.

Resolve: The Alpha Team takes Eastside Charlie back to his safe to grab the cash and repay the shop owners. Faceman catches a ride from the local female taxi dispatcher.

Below is my tribute piece to the one and only Eastside Charlie, a man whose racket was dismantled by the infamous A-Team.

Monday Nov. 15th
Unflinching Eye - Alien
Raculfright 13's Blogo Trasho - Truck Turner

Tuesday Nov. 16th
Lost Video Archive - Raid on Entebbe
Manchester Morgue - Friday Foster

Wednesday Nov. 17th
Booksteve's Library - Live and Let Die

Thursday Nov. 18th
Mondo 70 - Drum
B Movies and Beyond - The Monkey Hu$tle
Cinema Gonzo - Report to the Commissioner
Friday Nov. 19th
Illogical Contraption - Eye of the Tiger
Ninja Dixon - Across 110th St.
Lines That Make Things - The A Team (TV episode)
Things That Don't Suck - Blue Collar

Saturday Nov. 20th
Breakfast In the Ruins - Bone
Lost Video Archive - The Park Is Mine


  1. Digital! Not what I was expecting at all, you never cease to amaze Phill. But shouldn't that be called Squares That Make Things?

  2. Thanks man! It had been a spell since I'd done chunky bit art. It was time.


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