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True Story

I went to visit a fine young lady today in the electronics department. She was holding a DVD that I had my eye on. When I met up with her she proclaimed how bored she was. It was slow at the time and she had a couple hours left until she was off.

“It’s been a crazy day, crazy people.”

“Are any of them still here?”

She glanced over at the DVD section and nodded. The only person over there was a wild haired guy perusing the cases.

“he usually comes in with a helmet”

Like many times before I walked around the department looking at various games and accessories while my lady friend walks and talks with me. I veer towards the wild hair guy. We stop and talk about the latest Screamers sequel. Out of nowhere the wild hair guy proclaims,

“My brother said there was a new format coming out after Blu-ray.”

I look at him and reply with a smile,

“Oh yeah? They gonna call it Pink-ray, or Red-ray maybe?

He stares at me for a second as I wait patiently for any response to my horribly pathetic joke. He glazes over, his body gradually tilts backward. Anchored on his heels and stiff as a board he falls backward past the point of any recovery. His shoulders slap the hard linoleum and the back of his head meets the ground with a dense bouncing thud. Shocked, I stepped toward him to see if he was conscious. He moved, but was silent.

“Are you alright? Did you have a seizure?”

He was dazed but sat up. The back of his head was bloody. A crowed started to gather. Someone brought a chair while another called the paramedics. I helped him up into the chair. He said he was epileptic. A first aid bag was brought out and an instant ice pack was feebly slapped on the ground by a store manager to activate it. I took it from her, squeezed it and it mixed the chemicals with a few shakes. The paramedics showed up shortly after. The manager thanked me and I paid for my DVD and left. I felt bad. I was scared for the guy even though he was relatively okay. He should have worn his helmet. If nothing else I can claim with absolute truth that my jokes are seizure inducing.

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Letter Cult

Many thanks goes out to Brian Jaramillo for including my zombie piece in Letter Cult's "The Best of the First Half 2009"

Tons of great lettering is compiled there so be sure to check it out.

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I was that kid

I found this in a box as I was cleaning out my storage closet. I made it when I was 13, thus setting the bar low for the rest of my teenage years.

Is that alien dirt he's basking on or did he make a captain's log? Make it so!

The facial accuracy compared to Patrick Stewart is stunning.

Set Phasers to clay.

The Descent

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Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night

Electrocute yourself, Electric Slide! Die, Macarena, die! Be gone, Soulja Boy! There's a new sheriff in town and it's got freaking echolocation! Be the first in the club to tear the guano out of the dance floor with the Bat Flap Boogie!™

Lets take a look...

Life is great

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Gimme an "R"

There has always been something about the letter "R" that makes it unquestionablely awesome. I think its evolution has much to do with this. From its humble beginings as the mouth shaped Egyptian hieroglyph "ro" representing the consonant sound for "R", to its early Greek middle evolution as an angular "P", the letter "R" slowly takes form and grows a tail as seen in its Roman form. The tail is the defining feature of the "R" and when stacked up against all other roman letters it's as much of a leather wearing rebel as "Z" is. In tribute I've created a portrait of my favorite appendaged character and also it's evolutionary path.

Kung Fu Grindhouse Poster - June 2009

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I love letters. Most of the projects I undertake carry a certain amount of personal accomplishment when all is said and done. (Self criticism set aside.) Of those projects, Type design is one the most rewarding to me. Designing each letter from scratch, in clean form, to stand out on its own and yet work consistently with the characters surrounding it can be frustrating, but the prospects of the finished product are always exciting. Originality and readability are always the toughest aspects to mesh for me. It seems they like to stand at opposite ends of the room at times. My appreciation for letter design goes back quite a ways and after recently viewing Style Wars again it brought me back to the roots of my interest. It's easy for me to go crazy as I did when I was younger and purposely avoid readability at all costs. After formal education, observation, and practice, typography's changed for me. From an organic wild style to a rigid grid based form the commonalities remain. Every character has its space, every line knows its place. For me there is no other way.