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Yaphet Kotto Week - A-Team Villain

Eastside Charlie

Thanks to my main home slice Seth over at Lost Video Archive I was invited back once again to participate in a week of great reviews by blogs with one goal in mind, to honor the prolific yet highly underrated actor, Yaphet Kotto. It was a blast participating in Blair Week a few months back and after watching The Chilling numerous times it could only get better right? Right! I got to watch a single A-team episode over and over. "The Out of Towners" guest starring our honoree Yaphet Kotto followed the series' usual formula: assess, build, battle, resolve.

Assess: Local New York business owners are being extorted by Eastside Charlie (Kotto) and his goons. Desperate, the shop keeps call on the help of our favorite fun loving mercs, the A-team. B.A. Baracus cases Charlie's lounge and the boys promptly bust in with Uzis and threats.

Build: After agreeing to meet the following day to handover the stolen cash, the A-Team heads back to the affected businesses' neighborhood and builds a sewer booby trap, Molotov cocktails, and a mobile armor-plated defense station made from an oil drum in case things get hairy.

Battle: Boom, bang, nobody gets shot, A-Team dominates.

Resolve: The Alpha Team takes Eastside Charlie back to his safe to grab the cash and repay the shop owners. Faceman catches a ride from the local female taxi dispatcher.

Below is my tribute piece to the one and only Eastside Charlie, a man whose racket was dismantled by the infamous A-Team.

Monday Nov. 15th
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Tuesday Nov. 16th
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Wednesday Nov. 17th
Booksteve's Library - Live and Let Die

Thursday Nov. 18th
Mondo 70 - Drum
B Movies and Beyond - The Monkey Hu$tle
Cinema Gonzo - Report to the Commissioner
Friday Nov. 19th
Illogical Contraption - Eye of the Tiger
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Saturday Nov. 20th
Breakfast In the Ruins - Bone
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The Chilling - Various Observations

In collaboration with a selection of the finest film blogs the infranet has to offer Lines That Make Things is proud to contribute this quality post to Blair Week, a six day extravaganza expounding on the virtues of Linda Blair and her legacy of quality motion pictures. Don't believe me? Check this out...

The illustration below is a fairly acurate translation of a drawing I feverishly scribbled down in my sketchbook while watching The Chilling. It includes some of my favorite quotes and observations. If it all seems random, don't blame me, blame the movie. Be sure to check out Happy Otter for more Chilling content on friday as well as all the other great Blair Week posts listed below.

Our colleagues are bringing fresh Linda related content all week long:

May 10:
Lost Video Archive - Savage Streets
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Illogical Contraption gets Repossessed
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The Manchester Morgue - Rollerboogie
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Lost Video Archive - Born Innocent
Unflinching Eye wraps it up with a look at Linda's fall from grace.

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RIP VHS Part 2

Illustration by The Goodkind with additional lettering added by myself.

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"The Flamer"

My friend Rob owns a crappy old Toyota Tercel. It was destined to have spray painted flames on it. I made that happen. After 8 years the fire has faded a bit but the legend lives on. A classy chassis indeed.

Lazer to the face