The Chilling - Various Observations

In collaboration with a selection of the finest film blogs the infranet has to offer Lines That Make Things is proud to contribute this quality post to Blair Week, a six day extravaganza expounding on the virtues of Linda Blair and her legacy of quality motion pictures. Don't believe me? Check this out...

The illustration below is a fairly acurate translation of a drawing I feverishly scribbled down in my sketchbook while watching The Chilling. It includes some of my favorite quotes and observations. If it all seems random, don't blame me, blame the movie. Be sure to check out Happy Otter for more Chilling content on friday as well as all the other great Blair Week posts listed below.

Our colleagues are bringing fresh Linda related content all week long:

May 10:
Lost Video Archive - Savage Streets
Satan's Hope Chest - Chained Heat and Savage Island

Camp Movie Camp - Grotesque
The Horror Section - Hell Night.

Illogical Contraption gets Repossessed
Breakfast In the Ruins - Exorcist II

B Movies and Beyond - Summer of Fear
Camp Movie Camp - Nightforce

The Manchester Morgue - Rollerboogie
Happy Otter - The Chilling
Ninja Dixon - The Witchery

Lost Video Archive - Born Innocent
Unflinching Eye wraps it up with a look at Linda's fall from grace.


  1. Nice! That should have been the official poster.

  2. Ha, ha, trick end of my treat. Yes Mr. Tuma, you and your luxurious hairdo have done it again.

  3. Thanks Guys! Damnit if 1989 wasn't a good year. I can smell her hair product to this day.

  4. Ha! I love it. Minimal Gore Zone Ahead hahaha


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