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I love letters. Most of the projects I undertake carry a certain amount of personal accomplishment when all is said and done. (Self criticism set aside.) Of those projects, Type design is one the most rewarding to me. Designing each letter from scratch, in clean form, to stand out on its own and yet work consistently with the characters surrounding it can be frustrating, but the prospects of the finished product are always exciting. Originality and readability are always the toughest aspects to mesh for me. It seems they like to stand at opposite ends of the room at times. My appreciation for letter design goes back quite a ways and after recently viewing Style Wars again it brought me back to the roots of my interest. It's easy for me to go crazy as I did when I was younger and purposely avoid readability at all costs. After formal education, observation, and practice, typography's changed for me. From an organic wild style to a rigid grid based form the commonalities remain. Every character has its space, every line knows its place. For me there is no other way.